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Originally Posted by nails1
I rode MX in late 70's and only street since, so I'm not the best of judges. Got a 99 XT 350 last month (1400 miles, $2K, not the best of care). I don't really understand why folks are so apologetic about it, like DR having more power (both are 27hp at 7600-8K). Not sure about that "17hp restriction" (mine is apparently after that). Seems to run great.
Right now, I'm waiting on carb parts mostly to replace bad rubber (definitely fuel leaks, suspect air leaks). I'm also fussing with jetting -- I live at 7500 ft elevation, so the Webistan jetting info doesn't work for me ;( Moose mini bars and handguards installed.
Everybody says to do the 428 to 520 chain swap.
From what I've found, the only significant and easy power mod appears to be Supertrapp and jetting. This "XT350 power" thread as various info Seem to be mixed reviews about White Bros powerup kit (if even still available).
I've heard of progressive spring replacement for forks, as well as fork swaps (seem to lead to a lot of other fussing). This site lists the original front spring specs.
- Frontspring : K1 = 3,4 N/mm (19,6 lb/in)
- length new : 580 mm (22,835 in)
- lenght bad : 575 mm (22,638 in)
Seems like something might swap-in off the shelf -- anybody know of a way to sort that out? This site has more info
I understand rear progressive swaps are available for some $500.
I've given up on using an oil cooler for various reasons, including messing with that oil line to the head seems like a bad idea after all. Has anyone had luck with an oil temp gage on this sump system? has specs for a roll-your-own battery eliminator.
I have an oilcooler on my 350. Also, I used to run a Supertrapp, but now I'm convinced that the noise/power tradeoff is not worth it. For your elevation I would think that a 116-118 primary main and a 120 secondary main is in the ballpark. I also live in NM near 6500 ft.

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