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Cool Thread....

Hello All..I'e been running a 79 XL500 For several years now....I had a 250 when Younger, and Have always Loved One Lungers....I just bought a Set of the Progressive Rear shocks as well, I bought stock heighth at 16.5 ....Mine had finally given up last fall...
I'll be installing them in 2 weeks when I get to play with my stuff for a change....I checked out the link someone posted about large cap. Tanks, Does Anyone know what My Stock tank Holds...? I want to say it is around 2.5-2.7gals. I'd love to get the 4.7 or 5.0 for the XR600, but am not sure it would fit my bike without mods to the frame..?

Mort, You are Local here in Eugene....? you get to ride that XL/XR much...?

Once weather gets nicer, We run To Cottage Grove at least once a month and ride the Mines....Lots of nice billygoating to do down there...And it's pretty Country as I am sure you know...Pm me if you would like to join us.We usaully have 2-3 of us trailer down there on my flat bed.

AS for the rest of You, I'll post here once I ride on my New Shocks....

Chat soon, John
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