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Lets ride.

Originally Posted by GillaFunk
Dooode.....myself, Capt. Huggie, Duck Diggler, edgardrop (havent met), other guy on a 640adv, though I cant remember his name, are all local.

why do you ask? Considering getting a ride going? Maybe the monday after easter sunday?
GillaFunk, Im in for Monday the 24th thats the day after Easter. Got a budy that is off that day and sports a GS too. We rode yesterday seen two bob cats, 10 deer and crossed about 5 creeks on Twin Valley and over to stonyfort too williams. Dropped the pig a plenty but had a blast.

I am off monday - wednesday and every other thursday and like i said ride solo most of the time in the woods. I am up for group rides or just a couple of guys, safer in numbers i always say.


or PM me

"Four years ago, I was solo on a KTM 300 in Mendocino NF when I almost center-punched a mountain lion. When I slid to a stop, the cat didn't run away, so I left the area immediately....ADVENTURE!"

Saw a Full grown tom cat three weeks ago when i was stuck in the snow on French ridge up in Mendo National. Scary! I picked that bike up and started moven faster than ever.
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