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Bluhduh Of Course!

So two hours in and out to replace the bulb eh? (At east for me) Oh well, it's raining anyway. Thanks Solo!

Originally Posted by SOLO LOBO
Pull off the side fairing(s) by removing the turnsignal, ts stalk, windhshield and the two mounts that thread into the sidefairings, the center allen bolt below the headlight, the allen next to that and the single small one inside the side fairing..... then you can reach in there and remove the two white knurled plastic nuts that hold the speedo and tach retainers in their places, remove the retainers, and pull up on the speed and tach to remove...

make sure to do all of the idiot lights while you are in there as well, and check the bottom "foot" of the plastic headlight support as the do crack and give way...
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