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Originally Posted by DirtyDog

Waiting for updated images of the new fairing...
Well, this is the plan. Whilst it makes for a 'spirited' debate, clearly showing pre production models tends to bring more ridicule than anything and the point of the functional aspects of these efforts gets lost.

So, we've decided to wait until all three of the new variants are finished and tested before showing 'em off.

There will be four versions available.

1) Will provide wind protection via the sliding screen feature and accomodate both dash options. Your OEM fender (or aftermarket) is retained and there is no additional lighting. This will be the cheapest, hopefully around $200.

2) The existing XS, which has all the benefits of the above, but is much more stable at highway speeds, but with no provison for lighting, you're still straining your eyes to look for bambi !! This has been more expensive to produce, but we are hoping that economy of scale brought about by the whole range, will enable a decrease in the current price.

3) The twin projector headlight version of the first one, which will probably add between $ 100 -130, depending on what wholesale deal we can get on the lights.

4) The XS with twin headlights. Again, adding about the same for the lights to whatever the XS price comes to.

All share the same sliding screens, dash options and will come in the OEM colour choices + white. All fit straight on to the existing mounting points and we're hoping that the twin headlight versions will not require any modification to the headlight frame to fit.

We are trying to get all three of the new ones ready for production within the next 3 weeks, depending how the testing goes.

We're pretty excited about it and when we've done these, we're moving on to other makes that could do with 'the treatment'.

Cheers Ian
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