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End User Agreement

By posting here, you agree to the terms of agreement for the NX250 Thread official ADV owners manual.

You will not use pictures or information without prior written consent by the original poster.

Any and all information published in the NX250 ADV oom remain private property of the original poster.

Posting in this thread does not make any information or photos, public domain.

Any unauthorized use will be followed up in the proper venue.

Any user found to be posting malicious code, or undertaking any activities that are deemed detrimental to the assistance and service provided between NX250 enthusiasts will have appropriate action taken, including
permanent banishment from ADVrider, court action or any necessary measures.

Any attempt to destroy or impede the free information provided to the world via this thread will also be followed up promptly and with no further warning.

Viewing or Posting in this thread, submitting information of any kind will be an agreement of responsibility, and acknowledgement of acceptance of these terms.

In other words, don't try to screw up this thread, damage this thread, steal our information without permission or giving proper credit, or diminish the web presence of our hard work.

Thank you
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