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Don't drill out the jet too big

Just finished off a service and decided to check the clutch for wear - all within spec, so I pulled the jet out to take a look.
The jet appeared to be blocked, and having read somewhere that the Dakar bikes had larger jets for better lubrication I thought I'd drill it out to 1mm and see what happened.
The result - it's impossible to engage neutral at a standstill with the enginee running. After re-reading this thread I noticed that K2M made the same mistake.
With the engine off, bike in gear and clutch pulled the bike rolls back and forth easily enough, so the clutch is disengaging fully - my guess is that too much oil on the plates is causing a bit of 'drag' in the clutch.

I'll be on the phone next week to get another 0.3mm jet, and I'll leave it at that size.

On a sidenote 5W fork oil seems to work well in the hydraulic clutch - I usually use specific clutch oil, but didn't have any on the shelf.
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