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Originally Posted by emelgee
Don't drill out the jet too big
That specific issue is discussed in the HOW

"The oil jet selected by the engineers at Mattighofen for the 950/990 Adventure is a compromise based on the assumption that the bike will be used mainly on the street and gravel/dirt roads. If the bike is used hard (ie: slipping the clutch to manuver tight trails or get through rough terrain or deep sand, or racing conditions) the clutch jet size should be increased (.40 - .50mm) and possibly some modifications to the inner clutch hub made (AKA the Feliciani Mods) to accomodate the extra abuse. Don't go too big; unless you're racing the bike, the 1.0 mm size Feliciani talks about for desert racing is too big for non-racing use. Be advised that some "streetability" may be compromised even with the .40- .50mm sizes (ie: hard to find neutral, clunky shifting at slow speed, etc.). Best to start small and work your way up. Have a spare .030mm so you can go back down when you get too big."


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