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Like others above, I've an 03 model., and after reading this thread had a look at the Oil Reduction Jet the other day and - mine's never been done either, there's a brass plug, no jet.

Now on the one hand I'm pissed off that the dealer I bought it from (Premier in Didcot) told me all required updates had been done, but on the other there's nothing noticeably wrong with the clutch after 32k miles, so I can't exactly complain, can I?

The Repair Manual I've got is the 03 one, and the lubrication diagram in there doesn't show any oil going to the clutch at all, or the pushrod, just 'Another oil duct leads to the oil line that lubricates the transmission gears.'

I find it hard to believe that the clutch itself gets all it's oil through a 0.3mm hole? If I've still got the brass plug in instead of the jet, does that mean my clutch doesn't get any oil? So what is this jet supposed to fix?
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