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Originally Posted by cpmodem
The clutch gets lubed with oil from the transmission via the mainshaft and countershaft roller bearings and to a degree from oil thrown off the counter balancer gear and pinion gear. The clutch also runs in whatever oil is pooled in the sump.

Originally, apparently it was decided that that was enough oil for the clutch for its intended use. After the first season of racing, it was obvious that it was not enough for racing conditions. The Rallye bikes were having clutch problems. Amongst other things, Feliciani (Meoni's mech) and others were putting larger and larger jets inplace of the plug to help lube the clutch better from the inside (via the pushrod passage).

In July of 2003, KTM started installing a small jet .30mm. This was supposed to be retrofitted to all previous models in a Tech Bulletin (0309/38/01-E) issued in September of that year

The engineers were reluctant to install an oil jet at first, but they allowed for one in the design. As stated earlier, too much oil to the clutch causes problems also.

BRILLANT !!!!!!!!
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