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Krisztina's destination was Yolitia, an organic farm near Malinalco (west of Cuernavaca). She plans to spend a couple weeks there as a WWOOF volunteer. We woke up at a very cold 7am and took backroads most of the way.

Riding through a national forest west of Cuernavaca, we were stopped at a police checkpoint. The officer wanted to see my driving permit, so I showed him my international driving permit. He read through a few bits and then suggested that it was only for vehÝculos, not for motocicletas. I firmly explained (in Spanish) that there is only one permit and it is good for both cars and motorcycles. After a minute or two he smiled, handed my permit back, shook my hand, and sent us on our way. Since (according to my DF friends) there is no special license in Mexico for motorcycles, I'm pretty sure this guy was trying to scam me into mortida. First corrupt cop I've found in Mexico.

Our route took us through the mountain town of Chalma:

This weekend was some sort of major religious festival (related to Easter, I suppose). Long lines of people on foot were hiking to the town, some carrying crosses and statues of the Virgen de Guadalupe. When we got to town, there were dozens and dozens of parked tour buses. And traffic, lots and lots of traffic:

Splitting through town, we made it to Yolitia. It's pretty! No internet access, but it looks like a great place to hang in a hammock and read for a few days:

Sadly, this is where we parted ways:

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