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Originally Posted by bond007
Like the pics. I like the view from the drivers seat. It makes it easy to visualize being there. I'm gona borrow from your technic sometimes! I hadn't thought of shooting from there. What is your dig camera? Thanks Coolowl!
Thanks for all the great compliments, guys!

I'm shooting a Pentax Optio. It's small and submersible waterproof with no moving parts. I got it on the recommendation of a good friend who's also a camera repairman. He told me the automatic opening and closing lens covers and extend and retract lenses of many point and shoot cameras are prone to failure.

The image quality is good most the time. I think there are better out there but I'm satisfied for now. I also "textured" up the whole outside of the camera with sandpaper for a better grip.

I have two velcro pouches on my handle bar cross bar. One for garage door opener and the other for camera. I can access the camera one handed with my left hand, turn it on, and shoot. Usually upside down depressing the button with my thumb. The large viewfinder back is also handy on occasion.

Take care and thanks again, Mark H.
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