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Lynx Gulch

After about 4 hours of riding, Nowwhat suggested that we do Lynx, and Lynx we did.

The trails were narrow and interesting. Lots of water crossing.

As I came up on a hill, saw Pablo's DR on the ground. He came out hot and the supertanker decided to take a nap. His shifter lever punctured a hole on his clutch cover. Funny, he and I talked about it last week on ways to protect it.

The guys were pretty quick getting it up and prevent more oil loss.

Hard to believe, Artboy carries with him a JB Weld and a quart of oil. That saved Pablo's arse and made Artboy a Certified JB Welder. That thing really works.

Now Pablo's able to smile. Artboy blessing his weld to hold up.

Time to get that puppy going.

We all hooked up again and rode to Hidden Springs for lunch and more b.s.
Here's a pic of my bike with ADV sticker and couple of the guys at the restaurant parking lot. Note the fuel left in my tank,
I used up only 2 gallons, and darn, the ride was the best $7.30 of excitement you can buy.

Nice Guzzi, and of course it has a "shaft". I always like MG and BMW boxers, aircooled and shaft driven.

To summarize the day, 9 guys showed up, they came from 5 to 80 miles away. Nowwhat, Artboy, and H8c were the regulars; we were glad to see others to join us and made new friends. None of those guys have been on SCD and off-shoots, so Nowwhat carefully lead everyone and have them experienced the little treasure we have in our backyard.

The weather was perfect, morning was chilly, but it warmed up to the 70's when we reached the bottom of 2N32.

At the end of the day, we all rode home satisfied. The ride down was exciting, lots of twisties and sweeping turns. Gee whiz, how much dual sport can you get, there was a total of 40 miles of asphalt and curves, 50 miles of dirt, plus the ride from the bottom of Angeles Forest.

Another good weekend , and that's just Saturday. For sure the Sunday dudes (Grinder, Doghouse, and Razr) are ripping up the trails and having a blast as well.

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