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Thanks Razr for a kickass ride. No pics because we never stopped long enough to get the camara out Anyway, I probably would've dropped the camara (btw the guy that found my ipod on lynx gultch mailed it back to me in perfect condition ). It was the return of the klx. I forgot how much fun that bike is.

Riding through the fog and drizzle on ACH was kinda surreal. Razr was maybe 5 or 6 bike lengths in front of me but I could just barely make out his tail light. We turned at AFH and by Big T the fog was gone and the road was dry. We hit Lynx off of 9 mile. Ran into Turin (Grinder96) on the way up as they were coming down. Razr likes that deep water crossiing so much we had to do it 3x It was my first time up 4n24. That makes a nice addition to Lynx. It was the right amount of riding for me. What a coincidence to see Turin and Jim on the way to Hidden Springs. If we had been looking for them we never would have found them once, let alone twice.

Coffee and a cheeseburger at Hidden Springs tasted real good. Saw Derek there (I forget his ADV handle; he rides a KLX650C). Back down the Crest, Razr hit the 210W while I hit the Shell to fill up the dinky tank on the KLX and then it was home and a hot shower. A great day.

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