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Originally Posted by Tiger_DFT
Back in the 80's I had a mint XT500, my first big bore!!

Loved riding and even liked starting it once I got the knack.

One very memorable ride had me sliding it like a 1/2 mile dirt tracker, I couldn't believe how long I held a feet up slide coming out of a side street onto a main road. I thought I should get off the throttle and straigthen up a bit but when I closed the throttle it started a new slide .... what the!!!!

Turns out the seal behind the countershaft sprocket popped out and engine oil (under pressure) sprayed out all over the back tire....the perfect additive for a huge slide!

Moral to this story is to center punch periphery of the seal to ensure it stays in!!

Have fun on those XT's those of you lucky enough to still own one.

My Husky TE 510 is a modern day equivalent!!

Daved from Perth, Western Australia
I am going to get some pictures of our XT's online today, and sure do love all the comments on these bikes, hopefully, we can keep this thread going, after all, wasn't the XT the first Thumpah !! I am about to buy a TE610, but was wondering about the 510, is it too much for a daily driver. I would be using the bike about 65% on the pavement and the rest on the dirt. I have heard that the 510 is a little too much for daily commuting. I do, however liked a hopped up piece of machinery. My other daily summer ride is a 1972 240z, old track car that doesn't like to be below 80mph... I would appreciate your comments on the 510 as I about to buy the 610 this week.
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