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Originally Posted by PackMule
I'm not an electrical guru, but is the battery designed to take that kind of constant load? If I'm not mistaken, doesn't the stock lighting harness draw its power directly, instead of through the battery?

Just wondering if this poses any problems.
The OEM lights are wired from the battery via the ignition. The battery will have no problem powering the lights, but more to the point, can the alternator keep up with charging the battery. This is likely to be an issue of usage. Although these new H7 bulbs draw 65w, the existing setup will hardly notice the difference. However, if you're riding on High beam as well for extended periods, along with heated grips and vest, then there may be an issue. We are doing tests on this now.

In any event, it's better to leave the existing wiring alone (it has a dubious reputation at best !) and run good quality 12 guage separately for any significant increase on demand.
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