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Vintage Motorcycle Porn

A couple days ago Gavin and I visited a motorcycle museum at the Blue Moon BMW dealership. The owner has a large private collection of vintage motorcycles, several dating back to the 1920s. Here's a quick tour of the highlights.

An old BMW single in excellent condition:

A German motorcycle with a boxer engine, not BMW:

A Hercules motorcycle with a Wankel rotary engine!

An old single-cylinder Moto Guzzi. Gorgeous:

Notice the exposed flywheel:

A 1950 Imme R100. This 100cc two-stroke single has single-sided fork and swingarm and incredible lines. The exhaust exits through the swingarm, connected to the engine with some sort of gimbal. It's worth zooming in on the engine. This bike was way ahead of its time:

Look at the engine on this Burgmeister. I love the art-deco streamlined look:

The oldest bike in the stable is this 1921 Triumph Knirps. It was built by a German division of the British Triumph Company. It still runs!

Features include a 276cc, 3-hp two-stroke engine and two-speed transmission:

"Belt drive":

Nevermind HID. This bike includes head and tail carbide lights:

The metal canister at the center of the handlebars is the generator chamber; calcium carbide is dropped in water, producing acetylene gas that is carried to the lamp reflectors by rubber tubes.

We heard some sirens as we were leaving the shop. When we got to the road, we found this:

Unfortunately, the passenger compartment of the SUV was crushed and there was a lot of blood on the ground. This was one of four major accidents I saw while in Atlanta. Ride/drive carefully!
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