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Georgia Hijinks

I went to Georgia and got more than a lousy t-shirt! Actually, the half-marathon t-shirt isn't too bad. But nevertheless...

Marc rented out the VIP lounge at an Underworld concert and invited us along. Great music, although I'm still a little puzzled by electronic music concerts. I can listen to computers playing music on my iPod! They had some neat inflatable blinky stage props though:

We got a ride home from a friend in his new 500hp convertible BMW M6. I'm pretty sure it's faster than my motorcycle, even off the line. I think I see why JBoss development has slowed to a crawl since being purchased by Red Hat: Everyone's off playing with their shiny new toys.

Gavin and I spent a day driving through the Appalachian mountains. We did a short loop through Tennessee and North Carolina. It was sad to be in a rental car and not a motorcycle (or an M6...) but the roads were gorgeous. Some random pics:

"Bikers welcome":

A giant graveyard of cars, oddly placed in a beautiful forest:

By the time we got to Tennessee, there was no question we were in the Bible Belt. Churches outnumbered gas stations by a wide margin.

There were signs with the ten commandments here and there. As we passed one, Gavin said "hey, we should take a picture of one of those". I responded "there will be more". A few minutes later we passed this:

Driving back through northern Georgia, we hit a thick patch of fog. It was cool.

Speaking of weather, Atlanta had a tornado a couple weeks ago. It even damaged the skyscrapers:

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