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Originally Posted by Tiger_DFT
I ride my TE510 50/ is absolutely awesome offroad and just bearable on road. I too like performance orientated things (my road car is a Sunbeam Tiger Mk1A with a warmed up 330hp Windsor 302).

I have geared my 2005 TE 510 15/45 as I don't ride too much gnarly tight stuff here in W.A. More open firetrail riding and the close ratios and 15/45 are an absolute hoot!!

TE510 don't carry much fuel which is a good thing because by the time I get onto reserve I've got to have a little sit down anyway (58 and still growing up!). So I love my Husky, I also have a Ducati M900 (1st model - 1993) and just love riding that too if I need to go any distance on road.

Hope this helps...I'll dig up a photo of my XT500 and scan and upload it.


Thanks for the comments... Would you do the 510 again, or opt for the 610? I have heard from the 610 thread that the tranny is one of the best tranny's of any bike every made. Also heard that the 510 needs much more wrenching. It is a difficult decision for me as I like the most H.P. I can get under my legs. I had a M800 Dark, tweaked and sold it when my kids were born as I couldn't resist turning the throttle toooooo much. Plus, there is nothing better than gettig to a place here in Maine where other people cant get to on.... If I chose to have only one bike, it would be an Enduro, and certainly Husky seems to be the machine. I am 38, three torn discs in my back, and this is why I am going to get a new machine and put the XT's in the garage as eye candy. Have a great day !!
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