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Good stuff, OrangeEnvy. As far as I'm concerned, any info I can get is good.

Today I hit the Kawi & Suzuki dealers and had a look, sit and feel (didn't even ask for a test ride). I started with the Wee and my initial impression was, "Damn!! That's a big bike!" I've read some people saying that when sitting on it, there seems to be a whole lot out in front of you, and I can now see why. Sitting on it felt rock solid and comfortable and yes, I could feel its weight. One thing I was paying attention to was how high I sat on it. I'm 5'8" on a good day with kinda short legs so, being flat-footed wasn't quite possible.

I left and went straight to see the Versys and was instantly seeing the difference in the size of the bike. Maybe the specs say they're not much different, but it sure seemed that way. Sitting on the Versys I immediately felt it to be more manageable as it was defintely lighter and narrower between the legs. The one big problem I have with the Kawi is the 17" front wheel. The bike seems to almost tilt slightly forward (could be an illusion) whereas the Wee Strom did not at all.

The ergonomics on both bikes felt great. I liked the narrowness of the Versys but the Suzuki clearly had more seating area room. I also instantly noticed that the Versys lacked real storage capability as compared to the Wee. At this point I'm CLEARLY leaning toward the V-Strom.
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