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KLR rear shock sacrilege

Well, after a nice long off-road trip to the San Felipe 250 I have come to a couple of conclusions on My KLR650. The front fork swap was totally worth it and I need to get My arse moving on the rear suspension. Actually, it needs to move without My arse moving, but whatever.......

I want this thing to ride like a 73 Caddy Fleetwood on the street and still be able to hit the whoops like My KLX 300.

So, to that end I got a White Power PDS shock from a KTM for a transplant.

Wussy stock shock, meet your replacement!

Wait, the reservoirs in the wrong spot? Hold on a second, there, this should fix that......

More later..........

P.S. I'm just using this shock to watch the KTM guys twitch
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