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We took probably 1,000 pictures at the Race Track; she took the good ones

Here's one of my favorites - Perhaps I'll post one or two because when it comes to photography; I'm a fan!

This is an extraordinary place if you get the chance. I saw some people walk out to the rocks; walking right over the trails that take forever to appear and forever to heal footprints in! Anyway they walked out, pulled out a cellphone, took a picture, and walked back to their car...

Not to appear (hopefully) aloof, but damn, sometimes your have to stop and smell the roses (or rocks) and take stock of where you're standing... dunno, could be I'm an asshole.

Seriously I think when you're on the Playa you might want to take some very good care of the place you're in; I mean for God's sake leaving marks that take years to repair really does ruin the place for those coming behind.

.....steping off of my soapbox here... sorry about that.
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