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Originally Posted by TimberlineAdventure
I am doing everything I can to hold on to my XT while buying a Husky 610 in the next month or so... My friend is holding my bike hostage so that I wont sell it, and by the sound of everyone here wishing they hadn't, I better not. Certainly, the XT|TT|SR is one of the great bikes of all time. How many other bikes will break your leg if you start it incorrectly, or hell.... even look at it the wrong way. We need to keep this thread going with maintenance tips, starting tips for the weak, etc. Has anyone ever talked to Mark Apland at --> Great guy, great parts for these old bikes.
Agreed that that this is a great thread and Mark @ thumpstuff is kewl dude.

But question i have has anyone talked with him lately? i've gotten stuff from him in the past and just curious if he's up and running?
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