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El Chivo - Read again

Originally Posted by El Chivo

You don`t need to take it bad when I said NEUTRAL, because if you bought a 990 is because you think thats the best machine, the same way if you ride a bmw.
I thought that this forum is for free speech and I donīt want to hurt the ego of someone, if I would post this in the orange crush maybe you will say that why I didnīt post in the gs spot.

Cheers Ronbarbor
El Chivo,

I didn't take your remark hard. To the contrary, I understand your question and am trying to help you.....and we are all for free speech...

Most countries don't have the 800GS yet.
We do, because our dealer is always quick in bringing new bikes.

So I have had a chance to ride the bike, while most of you haven't , Lucky me.....

I am a big fan of the big dual sports like your Africa Twin, or the old DR BIG. Too bad the Japs have dropped this line of bikes, but maybe now, following the Euro adventure bikes they will revive this line.

But sometimes memories can be deceiving.
In today's standards, these bikes (BIG , and AT) would not be considered so great.
The 800GS is a much better bike than the Africa twin, and also much better than the DR BIG.

The problem is.......that as bikes have improved, so have our expectations.
For the prices these bikes cost (both KTM and BWM) , I expect to get a perfect bike... in today's terms.
And that for me means primarilly :
- excellent frame and suspension, firm and adjustable - KTM style
- excellent engine - I was hoping something like an 800cc V-Strom

So all I wanted to say is, that I really enjoyed the bike, but that it is not perfect.....
For what this bike costs in the US , 10K$ , I would go and buy one immediately..... Unfortunately here it costs 30K$ ....which means that I will have to think about it a bit longer....before I buy one
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