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Meeting two old ladies

Hi folks!

Here's a little story about a special meeting I had last month.
I've been a BMW maniac as long as I can remember.
My father bought his /5 when I was about 8 years old and I knew instantly: "when I'm old enough ..."
And of course racing with airheads was most interesting to me.
Helmut Daehne on the Nordschleife or on the isle of man.
Years later I heard about the Butler & Smith racing activities in the US.
The legendary race at Daytona.
Read about the bikes and the man who built them.
But only sparse information and few photos were available in the time before the internet.
And in germany the story is still nearly unknown.

Then I found this thread here in the forum:

And there it was: the last remaining BMW Superbike from '76.
Beautifully restored to its former glory.
And I learned that the bike (and a second BMW Superbike built by Udo Gietl) now is with BMW Mobile Tradition in Munich, my home town.

Normally private persons are not allowed to see the historic collection at MT. I thought "why not try" and so I wrote an email to BMW MT if it would be possible to see these bikes.
Two weeks later my telephone rang and it was MT: "Of course you can see the bike, let's make an appointment".
A few weeks later we entered the "holy ground". Mr. Helm, the BMW expert for post '69 bikes led us. And that was really crazy.
Passing several historic race cars we entered the MT shop, where a BMW M1 and a CSL were on a car lift.
Walking around an F1 turbo engine of the 80ies on a palette we came to the bikes standing in the corner besides others and a 2002 Turbo.
Felt like christmas and birthday together.

The Butler&Smith 90S has been already completely restored by MT, as is their standard procedure with "new" models they buy.
However, Bruce's paint job had been so good they kept it.

It was a great sensation to see the bikes, see the details described in books or magazine articles and to find new interesting details never heard of.
Here are some pictures of the bikes in their new home.
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