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hole in air stack

Originally Posted by kbasa
I doubt it's a hole. I'd bet it's a slot cut into the inboard side of the stack.

I thought those bikes had the motor mounts raised in front to provide more cornering clearance, but the mounts appear to be pretty standard.

When I've dealt with the guys at MT, they strike me as enthusiasts just like us, only with the coolest job they could ever imagine.
1: They are holes, not slots......and was one of the most time consuming parts of the set of stacks was sacrificed to make the final set....a big slot in the first set was taped up to determine where the opening was located on the final set ... all established by where the stack rested when fully tightened on the carb......enlarged with a file until the fit was perfect..the brace has to be removed to check the oil..and as for engine location, it sits an inch forward in the chassis....there is a spacer behind the transmission output shaft.....and the engine was short-rodded so the heads are moved in about 2" total....Bruce
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