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Originally Posted by klrmike
Good news Ed. Glad you and your family are ok. Offer still stands,anything we can help with,just shout.

On another note,got any pics of that 1150?

Sounds like a good reason to take a trip on the Tiger to
come and check her out. I could have a rfp (ride for pie) as our
Ohio friends call it in that direction sometime
Just took some, excuse the mess, the garage was my wood cutting, drywall snapping, paint mixing area while we redid the house
Its all stock for now mods to come after I settle back in. I think I have it under control now as far as help goes (unless you have 600 board ft of rough cut 3X1 for my trim you want to deliver )
On the other subject,, I do live close to the H&M system but have never rode any of it. HMMMMM thats odd you say? Well there are so many other great trails around my area I just haven't went and bought a pass to ride that area, but I will someday. Ride down anytime call me I know of a place that has this pie you speak of, bout 25 miles north of me.

The lighting sucks in these pics and its dirty Ill get better ones soon.

Klaatu barada nikto

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