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Originally Posted by NoVector
Before I get to the "good stuff", I'll start with some boring words. I know most of you will scroll down to the pics anyway, so there won't be too much preamble....

So, why the WRR? Simple: well, that's it. I wanted "simple". I wanted a smallish displacement bike to go play offroad, I wanted decent performance, but I did NOT want the maintenance of a pure offroad bike. The WRR has a 26.6k mile valve adjust, and 3k mile oil change. Overall, this little beauty seemed to fit my "want" list nicely.
sweet. I bought one this past saturday. Picking up this thursday. I've been kicking tires for a long time and it looks like respectable off road is finally street legal. I don't think it will win Baja but it sure sounds like it will get through some decent single track in a timely manner.

I waited a long time to find something I can stick a license plate on without having to register in Vermont with a disguise on.

great write up. can't wait to take mine home. good luck finding one of these in July.
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