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Originally Posted by warewolf
I'm all ears on this one.

The starter clutch on mine sometimes doesn't engage cleanly. Now a couple of times I've noticed it doesn't disengage cleanly. It takes a lot more effort .
Yep, mine did that a bit in the months preceding failure too. If I was you I'd drop in a new spring now.

I've just been talking to the mechanic at the local shop, he said that the inner & outer surfaces that the sprag clutch engages on must be super smooth for them to work. The outer hub that bolts to the flywheel was pretty smooth in mine IIRC, but I think the inner hub on the gear may have been a little rough - the clutch pawls may have been dragging on it, hence the slow turnover when starting.

Given that gear isn't real cheap & is probably 4 weeks away ex-Austria I might try pulling it out & giving it a polish up on the lathe, then reinstall with another $9 seal spring & see if that works. If it doesn't I'll bite the bullet & buy a new gear & sprag clutch.

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