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12th February

Wake to a the sound of a heavy rainstorm. Seems today I’ll be testing the waterproofing on my Tiger Angel suit. Ah well……

I string out breakfast, packing and checking out as much as possible, but the rain continues.

I open the panniers to find a tablespoon full of water in each. Hmmm… I can’t help but reflect that, given the relatively simple purpose of panniers – to keep your kit safe & dry – Vern’s Worldbeaters have not been a success. Beautifully made they might be, but neither the Touratech Zega bags, nor the Jesse Odysseys cooked my gear or leaked….

I set off tentatively into the still torrential rain. The drivers in Charleston have decided to deal with this change in the weather by ignoring it completely. After about a mile, I bring the bike to a halt as a light changes to red. As I put my foot down, a pick up truck slews sideways into the junction from the lane to my left, all wheels locked. I give thanks that he wasn’t in the lane behind me and, as the lights change, move off.

My plan today is to ride North East to Supply, then turn left onto Highway 211 towards Lumberton. I’ve chosen this route because the 211 between Supply & Lumberton is the only road marked as a ‘Scenic Route’ in all of South Carolina.

The weather is truly miserable. My new suit performs well and is completely waterproof, but the rain is incessant and it’s bloody cold. Despite having the heated grips on ‘High’, my hands soon get cold. I reflect that the grips used to keep my hands adequately warm before the bike was rebuilt after my accident last Christmas. I wonder if fitting alloy ‘Pro-Taper’ bars affects the efficiency of heated grips…..

I ride through the rain along Highway 41 through the Francis Marion National Forest, a pretty straight road. Riding in these conditions leads one to ponder on things. Who, for instance, is Justin?

He clearly has a sense of humour if he builds gates like these to his cabin.

If you are serious about protecting your workforce in the road, could you make penalties for speeding any clearer? (I can assure you I kept to the limit here )

In fact, penalties for all sorts of things are pretty drastic…

Most importantly – exactly what is a ‘Solid Waste Convenience Center’?

My imagination runs riot, especially as it is signposted in Brown Village……:gosh

A little further on, I pass a field with 7 light aircraft (Piper Cubs?) lined up in it. They don’t appear to be fitted out for crop-spraying or anything and there are no signs advertising a flying school – must just be a collector, I suppose…

I stop for lunch and warm up, but resolve to stop for the day at the first motel complex I come across. It’d be pointless riding a scenic route in this weather and the forecast is for an improvement tomorrow. I soon ride into Little River and stop at the Holiday Inn, which has a very pleasant room for $39:99, with free local calls (= Internet access ). I soon get thawed out again and peruse the cable TV selections, the titles of which ‘will not appear on your bill’…:eyebrow

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