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Originally Posted by losiu
I have one tiny suggestion when kick-starting the beast:
NEVER open the throttle. It'll rip your leg out of your butt.
Dunno that I'd agree with that. Seems to me that it will only kick back if you don't kick it all the way through, or you let it part-way up from the bottom before it fires up properly. If the kick start is all the way down, it is disengaged and won't kick back. Be timid with it and it will bitch-slap you. (I often start mine with a bit of throttle added.)

Apart from reading the thread, the biggest suggestion I can offer is that it is speed at the bottom of the kick what you are after. Start slow, build up speed as you kick it through. Trying to begin the kick at a million miles an hour doesn't work so well. It leaves you prone to not having enough speed & momentum at the bottom of the stroke, as well as not being so well balanced and in control, both of which also expose you to not finishing the stroke with the lever fully down and disengaged - hence kick-back. I've only got 75kg to throw at the problem, technique is everything. I can jump up and down on the lever at compression and it won't move. Now with practice I can start it per the manual using the right leg while standing on the left side of the bike, or using the left leg while stradding the bike - except when someone is watching!
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