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It was the failure. When I put the battery box and fuse holder all back together after reinstalling my tranny, I had an issue with my power plug. So I took out the fuses to check them out. I must have had a bad 7.5 amp spare fuse in the rack and put that one back in instead of the good on.

When everything was buttoned up and I started the bike, that's when I noticed the tach was out. So of course since the bike was just in peices I started to back trace my steps but forgot about the fuse box issue.

I mean if the bike was running and everything else that I had check at that point worked, it was a little bit of head scratching.

Having spent 25 years in the phone company working in the field taught my a little about electrical trouble shooting. Took out the old trusty Simpson analog meter, you know the one with the big dial and hugh needle the has 10,000 numbers under it, yea I know how to read that thing.

I found out that I was getting a signal but no power to the tach, then I remembered about the fuse issue. I started to replace the 3 fuses in the holder and tach came back.

That 1.00 fuse saved me $267.oo for a new tach.

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