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Ordered the oil cooler guard from Rick... R1150GSA plate.
Nice workmanship as with all of Kildala's products.
I also have his centerstand skid plate and the autocom mount (mounts under the diagnostic plug) on my '04 Adventure.

Don't know about the 1200 install for the cooler plate, but here's how I installed it on my 1150:

Remove the 2 torx bolts on the front airfoil and remove.
Unscrew headlight adjuster completely (clutch side).
Remove 3 torx bolts (1 top/2 side) and remove plastic headlight housing.
Remove 2 hex bolts holding headlight assembly (1 each side) and slide the entire assembly out (leave all wires connected). This will provide clearance to drop the cooler guard into place. It goes in almost vertically and snaps between the oil cooler fins and fender.
Rick includes a strip of adhesive foam which I placed top center of the cooler fins for vibration damping.
Make sure the guard is straight horizontally and reinstall parts in reverse order.
Don't forget to pop the parking light back in the socket on the headlight assembly if it came out when moved. It's much easier to put in place before the hex bolts are tightened. Same advice for the threaded adjuster shaft bolt... get it seated in the nylon pivot before you put the headlight assembly in place.

20 minutes... tops. Looks great and should protect well.

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