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Plenty of oil in Texas (luckily)...

22nd March

Actually, Texas is big - really big. It covers just under 262,000 square miles and has a population of nearly 21 million :eek:

So I got on the bike and decided to go and see some of it. First, though, I fill up with fuel and buy a quart of multigrade. I put about half a litre of oil in the bike and ride North. After a couple of miles, I glance down and see I have a problem. Poo :(

Top tip - when you fill up the oil, make sure that the O ring doesn't fall off the filler cap. (This picture was taken after I'd stopped & removed the filler cap - and graphically demonstrates how much oil you can lose without an O ring in just 10 miles)

I turn around and return to Jasper, stopping at the first garage I come to, which happens to be Jasper County Tractors, a John Deere dealer.

There I meet their fitter, an excellent bloke who rejoices in the name of Will Barrow (no - that really is his name ) - an ex US Army Abrahams tank driver and veteran of the (first) Gulf War. In no time at all he finds an O ring to replace the missing one, supplies me with a spare one, gives me a rag to wipe down the bike with and charges me 84...

I suppose I'll never have to worry about my left boot letting in water...:

I stop in Lufkin and spend half an hour with a pressure washer getting the oil off the side of the bike - luckily none of the oil migrated as far as the rear brake or the tyre. I make my way down to Huntsville and check in to the Holiday Inn, change and then deposit my oil soaked jeans into their washing machine...
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