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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
Define "hoon" for us northerners please
Appears the term is unique to Australia & New Zealand. Means "lout, hoodlum" according to one source. Snippet from the Wikipedia article, not the best but you get the gist:

Originally Posted by Wikipedia
The origin of its current usage is currently unknown but is widely believed to be a shortened form of "hooligan" [2]. In more recent times it has been used to describe any young male or female who drives in a manner which is anti-social towards the standards of modern day society. Generally, a hoon is any person who drives any vehicle dangerously and/or fast.
In other words, to go for a hoon means to take it for a thrash, preferably to bring it back with the discs blue & smoking, no rubber on the rear tyre and scrapes on the footpegs, stands, exhaust and fairing lowers. Say to the owner who's been hearing the exhaust wail echo off the surrounding countryside amid valve-bounce that "Yeah, goes orright mate, but a bit gutless in the top end."

When I was at uni there was a fellah in the club who'd do that at rallies, in the evening he'd cruise the parked up bikes for tasty machinery with the keys left in them, then help himself to a test ride as described above. Failing that he'd blag a ride from some unsuspecting friendly. Very amusing when it's not your bike.
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