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Originally Posted by sp4ce
People of all nationalities would be well advised to watch their cornholes around Uncle Sam. The last time I returned from Mexico, US immigration stuck us up at the border to the tune of $550 because my wife forgot her green card. She did have her valid British passport and the immigration official had computer records of her green card and the dozens of entries she has made on that green card over the last 4 years. The $550 was just for "processing" and "special exemption".

I never worry about "corruption" or "extortion" when I travel abroad - hell, it's 10 times worse at home in the fucking US. We just codify it and make it all real you can't haggle.

Unsurprisingly, some countries have started making special exceptions for American tourists and are returning the kind treatment their citizens recieve when they visit us.

I find it sad that honest, law abiding vistors (like your wife) have to the pay the price for the 20 million or so that "visited" and never left.

The fact that the Mexican govenrnment openly encourages this behavior assuages any sadness I might have had when Mexican citizens are the target of such measures.
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