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Question XT225 vs. XT250?

I have searched and searched many forums and threads. I've been lurking here a while, liked the info and members, and finally joined. I have it narrowed down to 2 bikes - the above and below mentioned models.

I can get a new '07 XT225 for $4075 OTD. Have not haggled on the XT250 yet, but early quotes are in the $4500 range.

From reading other posts, I figure I should give some background info.

--I have never owned (and I've only barely ridden) a motorbike before
--I am about 5'10" and 170 lbs.
--This bike will be mostly (~90%) for commuting back and forth to work and going back in the sticks to hunting camp. NO freeway, but some state highways (55mph)
--MPG is of paramount importance
--Being able to ride comfortably (for me and the bike) on the state roads and not be a traffic hazard is critical, too

Based on these criteria, can anyone opine for me which of these 2 bikes would be better?

I know the basic differences: 6 vs. 5 speed, 25cc's or so, color, cost. But can anyone tell me if there are tangible differences between the two for the useage I detailed above? Comfortable top speed, MPG, etc?

Sorry so long, but I don't want to make you ask too many Q's in your replies.

Great site and thanks in advance!
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