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Many thanks to those who replied. I went to bed last night and only 3 posts or so were made here. I got back from grad class just a bit ago and then a bunch more posts, but to no avail....I bought a new 2008 XT250 at 1pm today on my lunch break. I can't wait!!

I thought about used, but eBay didn't have anything good local and the new '07 XT225 was either 2 or 3 hours away, whoever gave me the better deal. That deal, again, being $4100 OTD.

Gas mileage (#1) and the bike's "manners" at 55-60 (#2) were and are the primary concerns; as such my reading led me to believe the 250 would be comparable to (or better than) the 225. Plus, I liked the digital speedo and the blk/wht/silv paint scheme. It came down to the deal and proximity to pick the bike up.

So I got it in the Soo. $4590 out the door with a $20 gas card, which can either last a month in my bike or 2 days in my truck. The other bonus was that I got a Yamaha card and charged the bike to that for ZERO payments and ZERO interest for 6 months.

So I spent an extra $500 for a (hopefully) bit better bike and saved travel and carting the bike from the LP to up here. Plus, I bought local, which is a good thing overall. The real nice thing is the 6 months of me saving cash to pay it off. I already have the green, but will sit on it and earn a few bucks in interest.

Thanks again to those who chimed in with ideas. All were appreciated.
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