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here's what you need to know about bent GS/GS Adventure wheels

Originally Posted by Marozas
Hey Woody

Ive slightly bend front spoke wheel of my 06 R1200GSA. Tried to fix it with spokes tension, but unsuccessful it still bent. I can drive its almost ok, with light vibrations at higher speeds, but I feel uncomfortable when know what front wheel is damaged.
I asked at BMW dealer for replacement and they told me, that there no rims for replacement I should order whole wheel for more 1000,-.
Other option could be to order only spoke rim for R1200GS (not adventrure and not black, but gray). Price will be around 340 .
Who can tell me whats the difference between GSA and GS spoke rims except colour?
Are there other options to replace rim other supplier maybe?

P.S. Sorry for flood, as same topic I posted in Gspot
first ,,,,these wheels and rims are repairable,,,we do it everyday,,, that's the good news,,,the bad news is that you are over there and i am over here,,,,perhaps i should come and visit

second,,,if your rim is bent you will never be able to true the wheel very well it has to be straightened first,,,,you can tell a bent rim by looking carefully at the outer sidewalls of the rim/bead and you will see bulges and crazed anodizing where the spokes go through the bead,,,straightening your rim depends on how bendt,,$70 +/- to straighten your rim

third,,, in the usa silver/grey 1200GS rims are circa $372 and complete wheels are $942 in either silver or black,,,,that means there are no black 1200GS Adv rims available,,,we routinely strip and re-anodize 1200 GS rims black costs circa $60 for satin black and $90 for shiny oem black,,circa $200 to r&r rim and retrue your wheel

fourth,,,,perhaps if you have friends in usa,,they can bring back a new one and save you a lot of money beause of the good 1.5e+ =$1 exchange rate,,,or many people have brought their bendt wheels over here on vacation and i have repaired them on the spot,,,,BEWARE,,,you MUST call in first,,,i am always on the road

holler how i can help,,,woody
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