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Originally Posted by Wallowa you absolutely trust your dealership and the fact that they alone have figured this out? None have come back since their wonder cure?

Wish that it was true...that would make the "fix" simple...but why is BMW then pumping our "new" [or same part with new numbers?] antenna?

Notwithstanding what they feed you, I personally would insist on the latest antenna iteration from BMW...whether or not that is worth a damn only time will tell, but why settle for an antenna that has been superseded? Simply so someone can dump the stocks of the old ones?

Just my opinions..
The antenna I'm getting is a different part number from my original and was just delivered this week (so I am told). I went looking for the part there on Saturday and they didn't have it in stock.

I don't think anyone knows for sure what the actual causes of this thing are, but so far this one makes the most sense. Antennas going bad seem to be tough to swallow. Wires getting twisted and frayed because they're too tight and constantly moving with each turn of the bars, well, this is a little more logical.

Hey, they antennas may in fact be bad. I never insinuated that they weren't. However, if the dealership is running the wire differently and trying to give it as much play and as little "rub" as possible, this seems like a wise thing to do even if you haven't had a problem thus far.

I don't trust anyone more than anyone else that I don't know personally. I simply try to get all the information available whether it's from these forums, actual conversations and yes even the dealers and then make as informed a decision as possible.

I'd hate to be the poor slob that got a "new" part and still ended up stranded because is was the way the wire was tied all along. The more we can do to minimize the risk of this fault happening again the better off we are, no?
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