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Originally Posted by YetiGS
Don't worry Neil, I'm picking one up Friday so if your bike gets stranded I'll loan you mine.

'Course it'll cost ya . . .
....long as it doesn't come out of my coffee-mooching budget

Hey, GB: I hear what you're saying, but ... if'n there's any cutting ... or any way that replacing the antenna ring takes the tension off whatever wire could be stretching/pinched ... then -- in theory -- you wouldn't /have to/ have an immediate repeat of the EWS failure.

In fact, the likelihood /could/ return to something not too far north of the likelihood for most bikes.

In my former business, our line workers had to use zip ties. Even when they used the "guns," there was significant variability in the tension of application. If anything like that is at play here, then it could explain why some bikes get hit, and why they tended to get hit early or not at all.

I'm just looking at this as a good old-fashioned puzzle by now. I'm pushing 8k miles, and feeling pretty cocky about [ending thought ... RIGHT now!].
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