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Hello everyone. I am new to the site and riding in general. I bought my first motorcycle in October, a 2008 Kawasaki KLR650. I had only ridden a motorcycle two times before I bought the KLR650. I had always wanted to buy a motorcycle and my best friend Ryan (WFOhillbilly) let me ride his dad's and those two rides pushed me over the edge. It was common sense to buy a dual sport since you can't get dirty and go off road on a street bike.
As I said, I haven't been riding for long but I think it is a blast. I have a lot of fun but I realize I also have a lot to learn. I look forward to more riding and getting to know more people on this forum.
Here are some of the pictures of my KLR650. I just recently put on the Ruger sticker (I am a big fan of Ruger firearms - hence the screen name) and replaced the stock tires with TKC80's. I also added the ADV sticker. The reason the bike is so clean because I gave it a good washing before and during the tire replacement. My mom also taught me to take care of my toys.

I am a mechanical engineer and I try to do all of my maintenance on my motorcycle myself so here are a few pictures when I replaced my tires.

Thanks for listening and I hope I can learn something from all of you.
Jeffrey (RugerM77)
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