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Yeah I might just reuse the metal one I had originally on the head with my spray on copper coat too rather than pay $30+ ofr a new one.

Greg, that's the same area I got a leak on mine both times I've had it together and running. Because it's the exact same area for the both of us, I think it's intrinsic to the fiber gasket being used instead of a Honda aluminum gasket. This time around, I'm using thinner material too. I think it has to be thicker than the gasket paper in order to be clamped on those two bearings and still have enough sandwiching on the gasket faces, you know? If the cover is tightened down onto those bearings, and it's not hitting gasket because it's too thin, it would cause a leak, and the gasket were too thick, it would cause the cam bearings to be loose. What do you think of this evaluation, Greg, and what kind of gasket material were you using before?

Looking forward to rack time. I worked on my Pannier boxes a little, cleaning up the insides and killing mold with bleach. I'll get you some more details about the design, I can't wait!
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