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Originally Posted by ricochet
...the ring antenna malfunction could be a result of it resetting when a celphone is placed near it or when the bike is parked near a cell site. According to him, what BMW is attempting with the newer issue of ring antennas is trying to find a frequency range which will make it unaffected by celphone transmissions.
I'm no radio engineer, but this doesn't really make sense to me. First, I would expect that the ring antenna would already operate on a vastly different frequency than cell phones. Second, it seems like if they are changing the "frequency range" of the antenna, we'd have to swap out our keys as well to stay in a compatible frequency range? Finally, it seems like the failures would be noticeably more common in urban areas, where cell base stations are more common (to ensure that there is sufficient capacity).

Originally Posted by ricochet
Therefore, it would really be in order if BMW finally comes out in the open to explain to us the results of their investigation, if there is one, and level off with its customers on how they will solve this issue. This problem is too --cking serious to be met with apathy and defeaning silence.
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