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Originally Posted by Hotmamaandme
$137.95 Do i get a kiss with that? So do you still need a second tire purchase? I have Distanzia's on my cummute set of wheels but havent got them dirty. I use the TKC's on the other wheel set and try to get them dirty as much as possible. They dont last long though.
How do you like those distanza's? Any good in the dirt? Im hoping they are a LITTLE bit knobbier than a tourance but last longer than a TKC. Im planning on riding down to WARPED on the Distanzia and knobby front. We'll see how that works.

$137.50 is what the cost on the site is for the TKC on SWmoto (no?). Ill be ordering when I get home this eve so let me know if you want to order the second tire.
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