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Originally Posted by GillaFunk
How do you like those distanza's? Any good in the dirt? Im hoping they are a LITTLE bit knobbier than a tourance but last longer than a TKC. Im planning on riding down to WARPED on the Distanzia and knobby front. We'll see how that works.

$137.50 is what the cost on the site is for the TKC on SWmoto (no?). Ill be ordering when I get home this eve so let me know if you want to order the second tire.
Gillafunk, I shot you a PM about the rear tire. I will take a Metzler Karoo T(travler). Try some thing else.

The Avons I like on the street. I havent had them on any dirt. I think from looking they will grip slightly better than the Tourance. Mike (motorsports) really pushed me to try them. They are cheaper than the Tourances and proclaim a higher mile rate.
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