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Here's quick update for folks that might want a bit more riding impression. I went for a quick 50 mile spin around the area, terrorizing a bunch of bicyclists on some sort of outing on "my" road (back road, through the hills, nice and dare they! ), and just lookin' around. Here are a few thoughts from the ride:

- The bike does 65 easy in 4th, without stressing the motor.
- Once in 5th, it starts feeling like an "overdrive" gear. Roll-on is pretty slow, and it's glacially slow in 6th. Given that, I'll likely throw 1-2 teeth more on the rear end in the near future. I don't need a 95mph+ top speed, and would like more snap in 5th and 6th.
- I'm amazed how smooth this motor is at freeway speeds. It's really hard to believe there's only 250cc under your butt. At 65mph, you can pick 4th, 5th, or even 6th if you want max fuel economy.
- I'm equally impressed with the bike's stability at speed. Typical Yamaha: well planted.
- Speaking of planted, this thing will carve some pretty tight lines in the twisties, even with the knobbies on it. I think I'm gonna have to get me a set of 17" SuMo wheels just for pure backroad shennanigans...
- It's quiet! If you want to go lookin' around in "stealth mode", just keep the revs down and nobody will even know you're there (unless you're a doofus like me and keep hitting the horn button to cancel the turn signals..... ).

So far, this bike seems to be exactly what I was looking for. A true 50/50 "play bike" that has a linear, smooth power delivery for "everyday" riding, and some darn good suspension right out of the crate. I don't have any desire to run out and "fix" anything at this point, because I can't find much that I want or need to change.

With luck I'll get some more serious off-road time next weekend (just hit dirt roads today) and be able to compare it to my KTM in the suspension/handling department (obviously power isn't even close, but then I got this bike for having fun, not to go racing.... ).

Oh, and speaking of being a doofus, I bolted out of the house this morning and in my haste forgot to take my camera, so when I came up on the biggest damned bobcat I've ever seen (about the size of my dog, who is 80lbs ) crossing the road with a ground sqirrel in it's mouth, I was only able to dig my crappy camera phone out of my pocket and snap a pretty lame pic, but I attached it anyway (the fuzzy thing in the center of the pic walking away from me along the vineyard is the cat, in case you can't tell.....). Note to self: always bring a camera!!

And here's one by the RR tracks where I took a quick break.

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