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Originally Posted by NoVector
For what it's worth, "rule of thumb" for setting sag is about 10%. Any more than that, and your handling can suffer (not enough weight on the front wheel). You may want to drop the shock the full 1" and set your sag back up around 1.2 - 1.3", especially if you notice any stability issues.

By sag I meant "Race Sag", i.e., with rider on board (corrected in original post). Should be ~1/3 total travel for off-road use.

Re adjustable shock: the jam nut adjuster was just a little over a cm below the rebound adjuster on my bike as delivered. I moved it up to within a thread or two of the rebound adjuster - hence the 1 cm lower value. Does the linkage multiply this?

BTW, the suspension was about as good as I've experienced for out-of-the-box. Compares favorably with the WP suspension I've had on KTM RFS EXC bikes. I did soften the compression damping one click front and rear.

Does anyone know the rate for the fork springs? I only measured ~2" race sag in the front, a bit less than I think it should be. Not sure whether this this is due to too a bit stiff a spring for my weight (~170#) or a little too much preload. May be set up for a slightly heavier rider (~190#). In any case they performed pretty well both on and off-road.


'nuther pic - illustrates an advantage of a smallish bike

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