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Rack Templates Are Here!

So we are all ready to design-a-rack using these template illustrations I made. So if anyone's got a design bug, they can take one of these. You can PM me if you want the fullsize file of these e-mailed to you. I just took a pic of the side of the bike, converted it to greyscale, bumped the contrast, and traced it right off the computer screen. I'm sure you whizzes out there have a much better and more effficient way. The design I'm visualizing but haven't drawn yet is one with two components. The first: a rack, similar to Gregster's but a bit smaller, lower, and not extending as far back. Second, a Pannier "yoke" of sorts (panniers remvable from it as well), that I can attach to the rack with its own braces that swoop forward and down to the frame, levering some of that additional weight off of the lower frame near where the two tubes meet at a "v", probably requiring welding a bolting point to the frame. Check out post #19 on page two of this thread to see the design that inspired me to take this approach. That thread has some great rack designs in it.

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