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Originally Posted by Dantegod
Hi Steve,

I wish I could get one of the Davida girls to come over and help you hand wash your jacket... If you check on our web site it has complete washing instructions for all the garments bottom of home page.. quite a few of Belstaff's products were made for winter commuting.. If you only have a bike to get you to work in the UK or Germany your jacket better be as warm as possible hence the Discovery jacket and the Merlin and Trekker Jackets before it... The more recent models like the Challenger ( full write up in Rider April Issue cover of Rider March Issue) have a lot more venting for riders that are looking for a wider temperture range not the warmest jacket possible... We also have some great jackets for the heat.. Zodiac and Adventurer both of which will keep you warm if you have a nice heated vest under them but are great and hot humid climates.. Hold on to the old waxed cotton they are going for big money these days. I just sold a 1968 version I had for $1200.

I can vouch for that. After so many years of not being able to afford decent grear and riding all year round in BC and freezing half to death I got the jacket and pants for me and my wife. Loved the thing. With the liners in there and the supper cool neck thing nothing got in. WHen traveling light the kit is very versatile. You can use the liner as a jacket or if it's hot you can use the back as a fanny pack to carry stuff on a day trip once you arrived for example.

Only down side is in this thing is bulky. If you are wearing it fine, but if you want to bring the pants and liners in case for 2 people, its very bulky. not a fault of the kit, just the way it is. I wore the jacket in 100 plus with some weating down, but the pants I cant do it when it's hot like that. But on normal temps it's great. I also wore it on a few hard trails (differnt bike) and it was good. The jacket as loads of pockets and and i carry everything in there very handy.
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